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INMODELS is located in a country where the beauty of people reflects the beauty of the indigenous nature.

This is Belarus, the land of blue lakes and endless fields. We live in a very heart of Europe, we absorb the best qualities of our neighbors, but at the same time we remain an independent and original country.


You definitely know about our country, if you are familiar with the work of artists - Marc Chagall, Vasily Kandinsky, could see the performances of our athletes, at least once played World of Tanks or used Viber. Belarus has its own contribution to the fashion world. Well-known people in a fashion world like Ralph Lauren, Ida Rosenthal also have belarusian roots. Maryna Linchuk, Tanya Dziahileva and others shone on the world podiums as in our country a huge number of incredibly beautiful and talented girls.

We strive to introduce new names to the world, which speak of our country as a place, combining the beauty, talents and hospitality that we are so proud of!

We teach our models everything we know and even a bit more.

From the very beginning our priorities remain the same - honesty, openness and friendliness in relations with partners. We are always in touch and ready to cooperate!

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